Illustrator Work
Skinning a NEC computer as a ThinkCenter for the Chinese market.
Illustrator concepts for a Lenovo Think brand Desktop speakers
Illustrator concepts for a Lenovo Think brand Webcam using Logitech PCB internals
Vendors Webcam PCB internals
ThinkVision 2015 Monitor Line
TIO II (Tiny-In-One 2)
The TIO II is a follow-up and redesign of the original TIO. The tiny-in-one is design solution for the common practice of mounting Think’s smallest computer, the tiny, to the back of monitors. A practice common by IT to get them out of the way or to hide them when mounting to a wall.
TIO II 24 Inch
TIO 24 inch CAD
TIO II 21 Inch
TIO II front USB placement options
Due to the monitor size being the only different component between the 24 and 21 inch TIO II versions the back bezel of the 21 inch need to be different from the 24 inch 
TIO II 21inch back bezel chamfer variations
TIO II at CES 2016
I left Lenovo in February of 2015, So I didn't get to see TIO II completed. Below is what was unveiled a CES 2016.
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